RESS Railway Salary Slip App Download

RESS Railway Salary Slip App Download: AIMS Railway Payslip App

RESS Railway Salary Slip App Download: RESS is an online system for Indian Railway employees (Staff and Officers) has been developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS). Railway employees can use this application to view their Personal Bio-data, Service and Pay related particular, Salary details, Provident fund/NPS details ,Salary related loans & advances, income tax details (including monthly deductible amount) ,Leave and Family details, Pension Benefits (for retired employee only) etc. Download of Payslip in PDF format is also available.

RESS Railway Salary Slip App Download


To avail it on your Android mobile Employee must register on ( this site to view their Personal details, Salary, PF, Loans & Income Tax Projections to download aims mobile Pay Slips. So scroll down to download aims railway employee payslip pdf, salary slip.

Features of Railway Employee Salary Slip (RESS) App:

  • Bio-Data
  • Salary
  • Provident Fund
  • Loans &Advances
  • Income Tax
  • Personal Details
  • Job Related
  • Pay Related
  • Download Payslip in PDF
  • Leave Balances (LAP & LHAP)
  • Dtails of OT, TA, NDA, NHA, KMA, Child Education Allowance
  • Ress aims online salary slip
  • Railway payslip pdf
  • Aims mobile payslip

RESS App Download For Android, iOS, PC:

For Registering with RESS app, an employee should ensure following 2 points,

1. Date of Birth and Mobile Number are updated in IPAS System & Permission to update Date of Birth and Mobile No is available with Pay Bill Clerks.

2. Since initial password is sent on employee’s mobile, consent is required to be sent to SMS Server by sending an SMS to a designated Number. This is mandatory as per TRAI guidelines. The subscriber has to send an SMS to 08860622020.

  1. First of all Download RESS Pay Slip App from here
  2. Install & Open the App
  3. Now Send a SMS “START” on “08860622020
  4. Then Register on RESS web portal, {} or (
  5. Then Tap on “New User Registration” or Tap on Login if you already have an account
  6. Now you have to Enter Employee No, Mobile No, Date of Birth and Tap on “Submit” button.
  7. The RESS System will verify Employee No, Mobile No and Date of Birth from Employee’s Bio-Data available in IPAS.
  8. Post Successful verification, system sends initial password on employee’s on entered mobile number.
  9. Then Enter Password as sent on mobile through SMS and click “Register and Login” button.
  10. That’s it. You have successfully registered on RESS RPF app.

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RESS Railway Salary Slip App Download: Aims Railway Salary PaySlip

  1. Open the Railway Pay Slip App
  2. Enter the Salary for Pay Period & click on Submit button
  3. Then Tap on option of download Pay slip in PDF
  4. Now Rail Karmi Pay Slip Will open in Pdf format.
  5. You can download Your own Pay Slip (Monthly and Yearly) in PDF
  6. That’s it. In this way you can download railway employee payslip rpf.

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How To Forget password of RESS App:

  • Open the Rail Pay Slip App and Click on link “Forgot Password”
  • Enter User Id (Employee Number or Aadhaar if registered through Aadhaar using Desktop Version of RESS) , Mobile Number and Date of Birth
  • Password will be sent on your mobile number.
  • That’s it. You have successfully recovered your password.

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RESS Railway Salary Slip App Helpline Number & Email ID:

If you have any questions regarding aims indian railway pay slip app, aims mobile pay slip, res app download, etc. Then you can contact on Ress App Mobile No: 08130353466 {09:30 AM to 06:00 PM on Working Days}. In case mobile number is not reachable you may write on E-Mail id: [email protected]

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